High-Priority Support

Prioritised support for when you’re most unwell.

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Full, personalised clinical review, including medication optimisation, with our nurse, each year.
Enhanced Flareup Protection (if you develop a flareup or infective attack of COPD/Asthma).
Guaranteed call with a respiratory professional within 12hrs.
Home nurse visit within 36hrs.
Up to 5 follow up nurse appointments.
Same-week consultant appointment following flare-ups.

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* We are rolling out Senti Care to limited numbers across North West UK regions throughout 2022/23. Pay 1 month’s deposit upfront today, which covers your first month, and you’ll be first to access Senti Care when it’s released in your area.

Within 14 days of receiving your deposit, you will receive confirmation of when you can access Senti Care in your area. At this point, you can begin receiving care or receive a refund on your deposit if you’re unhappy with the timings or any aspect of our service.