Terms and Conditions

What these terms and conditions cover

These terms and conditions contain essential legal information that tells you things like:

  • The rules for using our services
  • What we need from you to provide our services
  • What to do if something goes wrong

These terms and conditions are an agreement between you and us (Senti/Senti Care/we/us). This is so you know the rules and your rights when you use our Clinical Services, web application, website (https://senti.care) and services provided by Senti. We do not currently operate outside of the UK. By using our services you agree to these terms and conditions. If you don’t follow these terms and conditions, we might need to cancel or suspend your account.

You should also read these terms and conditions along with:



How to contact us

You can contact us using the details on our Contact Us page or by email at:  support@senti.care

How we contact you

We will contact you in English by email or by phone, or via our web and mobile applications. Please contact our support team if you need a translator or interpreter.

We might also send you notifications through our web and mobile applications when we need to tell you something important.


What are Our Services

Our services fall into 2 categories:

(a) Clinical Services

Our video, audio, and home consultations, where you can talk with one of our medical professionals. This includes people like doctors, specialist nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, phlebotomists (people qualified to draw blood), physiotherapists, and pharmacists. Throughout these terms and conditions, we’ve called them practitioners.

These practitioners might give you a diagnosis, recommendation, or treatment. They may also prescribe to you, or refer you to someone else.

(b) Device services

Services that give you health advice through our medical devices, apps or websites. These devices are regulated by the MHRA in the UK and must only be used for their Intended Use. If you use one or more of our devices, then we will provide you will a full guide on how to use the device safely and effectively.

Accessing our Services
At the moment, you can only access our Services if you are based in the UK. You can do this by subscribing to one of our services via our website. In due course, we may also offer our services through 3rd parties, such as the NHS, your GP, or your employer.


What we need from you

We need to receive some personal information from or about you (such as your name, contact details and information about your health) so that we can give you the best version of our services. To find out more about how we use this information and how we protect your privacy, see our privacy policy. Third parties: Senti does not and will never pass your information to any third party without your prior authorisation. Where information is collected on our behalf by third parties (such as for the purposes of surveys), we will ensure that they comply with our policy as outlined in this document. We will never sell your personal information to any third party.  Direct Marketing: Senti will only ever contact you with marketing information where you have requested to receive it. If at any time you do not wish to receive such information, then you may ask us to amend our records appropriately (see section on Amendments to Data).

The information you give us, whether through our clinical services or our digital health services, must be accurate and in English. We need you to let us know if any of the information we hold about you is wrong or out of date. Please contact our support team if you need a translator or interpreter.

You must not create duplicate accounts or register more than once to use our services. This ensures that we can keep an accurate record of your use of our services and any advice our practitioners have given you.


Our Clinical Services

Our practitioners are based in the UK. They’re members of the appropriate regulatory body (for example, our doctors are members of the General Medical Council). They’re committed to clinical best practice and any related standards. Our practitioners might have different opinions on some medical conditions or symptoms. This doesn’t mean that our clinical services are at fault; it’s normal for experts to have different views from time to time. Our clinical services are strictly focused on respiratory health and we will not be able to provide advice outside the expertise of our practitioners. We will, however, signpost you to appropriate services and refer you formally where required.


We offer urgent triage and care as part of our Clinical Services. This is typically a phone call within 12 hours Monday-Friday. However, if you need medical attention more urgently, you should contact emergency services via 999 (or 111 if more appropriate). Specifically with regardless to lung disease, contact 999 if you are experiencing:

  • Severe breathlessness or wheezing, especially at night or in the early morning.
  • The inability to speak more than short phrases due to shortness of breath.
  • Having to strain your chest muscles to breathe.
  • Low peak flow readings when you use a peak flow meter.
  • No improvement after using a quick-acting (rescue) inhaler.

Your consultation

We’ll try to offer you a range of options for the time and date of your consultation, but we can’t promise to offer consultations in a specific timeframe, or that a specific practitioner will be available at a particular time. We record the audio of all consultations to make sure we’re giving you the best service we can. To find out more about how we use this information and how we protect your privacy, see our privacy policy. If you don’t think you’ve been able to clearly share your medical needs during a consultation, you should speak to a practitioner in person. If you’re worried about any advice you’ve received, then you should book another appointment to discuss this.

Consultations with our practitioners shouldn’t replace consultations with your regular NHS GP. Before your consultation, we will ask you whether you give us consent to share the summaries of your consultations with your regular NHS GP. If you do, you will be asked to provide your NHS GP’s details. If you decide not to, your practitioner will confirm your decision with you during your consultation. If you change your mind, you can inform your practitioner during your consultation or contact our support team as soon as possible afterwards. In certain circumstances, your practitioner may be unable to assist you if you do not consent to us sharing information with your NHS GP. You should talk to your regular GP about any information you get from us.

You should contact emergency services or arrange follow-on care if one of our practitioners recommends it.

Your location

You must let your practitioner know at the start of your consultation if you are not located in the UK. We are not able to offer consultations if you are located in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany or China at the time of your consultation. We may also choose not to continue with your consultation in any other part of the world outside the UK if we do not think that it is lawful or appropriate for us to do so. You should check your medical care entitlements and options before you travel outside the UK.


Your prescriptions and medicines

In the UK, we’re able to prescribe medicines without face-to-face meetings. Our practitioners follow national evidence-based guidance, such as the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). They meet Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards.

Read more on the National Institute of Clinical Excellence website.

And also on the Care Quality Commission website.

For our private service, we can’t prescribe controlled drugs and have strict limits on high-risk medicines. Also, we can’t issue repeat prescriptions, which can only be obtained through your regular NHS GP. In the UK, we partner with pharmacies that provide your medicine. These aren’t part of Senti and we can’t take responsibility for their acts or mistakes. We may refuse to prescribe to you if we think it’s not safe or legal to do so. We are not able to issue prescriptions to you if you are located outside of the UK or the European Economic Area (EEA). Please also bear in mind that if you are in the EEA, prescriptions issued by us may not be accepted by the local pharmacy.

Prescription charges

If you’re using Senti privately, you need to pay the relevant pharmacy for your prescriptions. Prescription charges aren’t covered by any payments you make to Senti to use our services. The price is set by the pharmacy and Senti is not responsible for the collection or payment of any prescription charges. You don’t have to use any particular pharmacy.

Collection and delivery of prescriptions

If you’re in the UK, you can choose to have your medicine delivered to your home, or you can pick it up from a pharmacy near you. We can’t accept returns or give refunds on medicines. By choosing home delivery, you agree to the terms and conditions of our relevant partner pharmacy.


What we need if you use our clinical services

You must:

  • Follow any instructions our practitioners give to you

  • Follow any instructions we give to you about how to use medicines or healthcare products we recommend or prescribe. This includes use-by dates
  • Keep any medicines we prescribe secure and don’t allow anyone other than the patient named on the prescription to use them

  • Only use our services for you

  • Tell a practitioner or your GP if you have any bad or unexpected effects from anything we’ve recommended to you.

  • Contact emergency services if you think it’s necessary.

We don’t tolerate any abusive, aggressive or offensive behaviour directed towards any Senti employees or practitioners. If we think that this is happening, then we may end your consultation, suspend or cancel your account and subscription and/or take any other appropriate action (including, if applicable, reporting the incident to the police). If you try to register (or re-register) for Clinical Services after your account has been suspended or cancelled, we reserve the right to remove you from the service (without a refund) and prevent you from creating a new account.


Prices and how to pay

The prices of our services are set out when you register via our website. Our prices may change at any time, but this will not affect the price of anything you have already ordered. All prices exclude VAT, where this applies.

For those who choose to subscribe to our Clinical Services, we offer a monthly subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time, but we ask you to think carefully before signing up for out subscription service and then cancelling: we plan the services we can deliver around the idea of long term continuity of care. Our service is not intended for one-off consultations – we want to provide continuity of care and high quality, as this is the best way to optimise your long-term health and keep you well. We’re here to provide you with the care you need to get well when you’re ill and the care you need to stay as well as possible.

You need to pay all charges in advance. We may stop providing our services to you if you don’t pay on time.

We automatically renew all subscriptions and take payment at the end of your existing subscription. That’s unless you cancel it at least 72 hours before the end of your subscription period. If your renewal payment fails (for example, because your card has expired or been cancelled), your subscription will not be renewed. Our subscription services will no longer be available to you, unless you set up a new subscription using a new payment method. The price you pay for your new subscription will be our most recent price at the time your new payment method becomes active.

We’ll let you know if our subscription prices change.


What you can’t do with our services

When using our services, you must not use them:

  • For commercial purposes, like using them on your own website for profit

  • For any improper, illegitimate or unlawful purpose, like interfering with or reverse engineering our app or website

  • In any way that could damage, disable or impair the operation or security of our services, like installing any virus, malware or harmful material, or making use of our services other than for the intended purpose

  • In any way that we reasonably consider to be excessive and/or outside the scope of normal patient use

  • To gain access (or try to gain access) to any user accounts, data (including patient data) or computer systems or networks, through any method

If you do, we may suspend your access to our services or cancel your account and subscription.

We use anti-virus measures on our websites and app. But we can’t promise that our services will always be virus-free.


Cancelling your subscription

We work hard to give you the best standard of clinical services. But if there’s something you’re not happy with, you can contact us to talk. In most circumstance, you must pay at least the first six month’s of subscriptions. Please see our Refund Policy. If you cancel within 14 days of purchasing a subscription and have not used the app for any consultations, we’ll refund you in full.

We may end our agreement with you (including cancelling your account and subscription) if:

  • We’re unable to provide our services for reasons outside our control

  • You break these terms or the law relating to our services

  • You’ve put us in a position where we might break the law

  • You don’t pay us on time

  • You’ve been abusive, aggressive or offensive to anyone at Senti


If something goes wrong

Please contact us if something goes wrong. We’ll do our best to fix the problem. We provide our services as they’re described and we don’t make any other guarantees. If we break these terms we will only be responsible for any losses that could have been foreseen when we entered into the terms.

Commentary and other materials posted via our Website are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to our Service(s), or by anyone who may be informed on any of its Contents.

Some of the things we can’t be held responsible for include:

  • Loss or damage as a result of not following the instructions for using our services or using any of our services for anything other than their intended use (see device specific information)

  • Business losses to you (our services are for personal use only)

  • Any loss or damage as a result of your own breach of these terms or our privacy policy

  • Loss or damage from using other websites we link to from our app or website, including any retail partners we might work with or invite you to access. Senti doesn’t recommend or endorse any websites or products that we link to. You must make your own decision about whether you want to access or use these.

Unless the law says otherwise, we will not award compensation for any amount higher than what you have paid us.

As far as we can under the law, Senti doesn’t accept any other terms or rules (direct or indirect) that are outside of these terms.

If you can’t get our services

There might be times outside our control when we can’t provide our services.

We’re not responsible if this happens, but if it does, we’ll do anything we reasonably can to make sure you can use our services again as soon as possible.


How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint, please contact us and we’ll do our best to fix the problem. We reply to all complaints in line with the rules and regulations that apply to our services. You can make a complaint via email to complaints@senti.care – please include “Complaint: ” at the beginning of the email subject.


Changes to these terms

These terms are always available in our app and on our website. We change these terms from time to time. We may not always tell you when we make a change.

If we make any changes that affect your rights or what we need from you, then we’ll let you know.

If you don’t agree with the changes, you can cancel your subscription with us.

If you continue to use our services, we will assume that you’re happy with any new terms.


Intellectual Property

All copyright and other rights (including database rights, trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) and all other intellectual property rights) in and to the Service(s) and their contents (which for the avoidance of doubt shall include all information contained in or available from the Service(s) such as text, graphics, case studies and logos (“the Contents”) are owned by or licensed to Senti or are otherwise used by Senti as permitted under applicable laws.

Unless Senti explicitly states otherwise in writing, you may use, view, download, copy or print textual or graphic content of the Service(s) provided that it is solely used by you for the purpose of enquiring about the services provided by Senti and provided that you do not change or delete any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices on such content. You must not modify the paper or digital copies of any materials which you have printed off or downloaded in any way, and you must not use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences or any graphics separately from any accompanying text. Under no circumstances may you use any Content in a manner that may give a false or misleading impression of Senti. You must not use any part of the materials on our Service(s) for commercial purposes without obtaining a licence to do so from us or our licensors. You agree not to copy, reproduce, store in any medium (including in any other websites), distribute, transmit, modify, alter, disseminate, create derivative works from all or any part of the Service(s) or edit any part of the Service(s) other than as permitted above without obtaining Senti’s prior written consent.


Other things you should know

Laws and regulations

The Care Quality Commission regulates our clinical services, such as video and audio consultations.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulates our medical devices.

Our services follow UK laws and regulations. Some countries have different laws and regulations for healthcare services.

If you’re outside the UK, you are responsible for checking if it’s legal to use our services in your location. We can’t guarantee that our provision of the services outside the UK, or your use of the services outside the UK, will comply with the laws of the country where you are located.


These terms are an agreement between you and us (Senti). They do not apply to other people. Only you can take legal action on your agreement with us.

Legal decisions and judgements

These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales. If you want to take legal action relating to these terms, it must be through the courts of England and Wales.

Our company

These terms and conditions are an agreement between you and Senti. Senti is a limited company registered in the UK.

Our formal company name is “Senti Tech Limited”.

Our Company registration number is 11112954.

Our registered address is:
57 Jordan Street,
L1 0BW



If you require further information or have any questions regarding this policy, then please contact us at support@senti.care

These Terms and Conditions are reviewed regularly, and were last updated in December 2022.

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