Be clear on breathing with Senti

A smart garment that monitors chest sounds overnight, supporting the ongoing care of Asthma and COPD.

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Senti, man asleep, Senti smart garment, connected healthcare, smart tshirt, sensors listening to chest sounds overnight, Asthma, COPD.

A chest exam always at hand

Using highly developed sensors, the Senti smart garment listens to the user’s chest sounds as they sleep.

Senti, smart garment, smart tshirt, connected healthcare, autonomous monitoring, listening to chest sounds, asthma, COPD.
The stethoscope enhanced

A comfortable smart T-shirt with unobtrusive cardiac and respiratory health sensors.

Senti, breathing, smart garment, smart tshirt. monitoring health, asthma, COPD.
Breath sounds demystified

Accurate real world insights into your overall control, likelihood & severity of respiratory attacks.

Senti, connected healthcare, Breath and heart sounds, smart garment, smart tshirt, monitoring health, asthma, COPD.
Connected healthcare

Breath and heart sounds recorded from your smart garment can be played back and shared with your care team.

Senti application application display, connected healthcare, Breath and heart sounds, smart garment, smart tshirt, monitoring health, asthma, COPD.


  • Senti helps its users regain control of their Asthma or COPD through reliable real world monitoring.
  • Empowering users and their care teams to make conscious health decisions about their ongoing treatment.
  • Users are able to take informed precautions to reduce disruptions caused by triggers in everyday life.

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