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Senti is a smart garment that monitors chest sounds overnight, supporting the ongoing care of Asthma and COPD.

Scroll down to find out what’s involved and why you should join our device trials.


Join our mission to help people with Asthma and COPD enjoy more days without breathlessness.

Calling lungs of all shapes, sizes and health!

We’ve successfully completed multiple iterations of user testing, but still need to recruit more participants and this is where you can help.

Senti user

One of our user panel trying out an early prototype. With your help, we’re constantly improving the ease of use and comfort of our device

Our latest prototype: still work to be done: making the battery case more comfortable, for a start. Join our trials and help us to get there. (NB, Senti is not worn over clothing during actual use)

If you …

  • Are aged 18 or over
  • Live in the British Isles or North America
  • Have lungs of any shape, size or health

Then we’d love you to join our user panel to help us explore the garment’s comfort and wearability in a wide range of people.

Senti white garment very early prototype

We’ve come a long way from here. Join our mission for better respiratory care.

Why participate?

Help improve quality of life for those with respiratory illnesses in the future

Contribute valuable information to help us advance respiratory health care

Ensure our device provides true value to the people who need it

What will our User Research involve?

We’ll discuss with you what will suit you best, depending on your availability, time, and comfort. Examples could include:

  • Telephone interviews
  • Short home visits by our team
  • Trying on the garment
  • Being sent prototype garments to try overnight

Senti founder Dr Phil Alton listening to breath sounds using an early prototype.


woman wearing senti smart garment during user trial

Can I opt out at any time?

Yes, even if we’re part way through, have finished data collection, or have not even started – you’re in control and can opt out at any time.

Will this device help me to breathe more easily?

Our mission is to enable tailored care for individuals with Asthma, COPD, and other respiratory illnesses.

We’re some way off that end goal, and can make no promises, but if we’re successful, then our device will enable your medications to be precisely tailored to your individual response and needs, ensuring that you have the best control over your condition, at all times. We’ll also enable early intervention in exacerbations, keeping you well and out of hospital.

Joining our trials will help us enormously to reach these goals.

If I participate in a home visit, how long will this take?

Currently, these visits take around 40 minutes. We are flexible and will ensure that this is always at a convenient time for you.

How often are the home visits?

At the moment, we’re running different trials around every 2-3 months. However, you can opt-out of as many of these as you like. Participating in one trial by no means commits you to any others.

What steps are you taking to ensure that home visits are safe, especially during the pandemic?

All of our researchers are fully vaccinated,  take a lateral flow test on the day (prior to any visits), will wear a mask throughout, and will observe strict hand hygiene (we bring our own alcohol gel). We’re happy to discuss any specific concerns further.

Do I need to have a respiratory condition?

No – we need “control” participants who do not have a lung condition as well. So, whether or not you have a respiratory condition, please get involved.

What sort of information and data do I need to provide and what happens with it?

We collect personal data (such as your name and age), health data (such as what medical conditions you have and what medication you take), biosignal data (from our device or another CE-marked device), observational data (such as how easy it was for you to put our device on), and survey data (such as how easy you found the device to use).

We never sell or share your data with any other person or company (unless by law for law enforcement, but we can’t think of any reason we’d need to do this).

For Clinicians

Pilot our next-generation device

Senti is developing a smart garment to enable remote chest examination. In the future, we will leverage Artificial Intelligence to autonomously detect abnormal breath sounds and patterns in order to generate treatment recommendations, improve overall respiratory disease control and predictively intervene early in disease flare ups.

If you are a clinician looking to pilot our device for remote examination, please get in touch for more info.

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