SupplyWorks – Tackling Frustrations in Healthcare Supply Chains

Imagine a situation where your project is delayed by six months due to supplier issues, and you’re left in the dark with unresponsive suppliers.This is the narrative behind the birth of SupplyWorks, a new online platform we are developing, fuelled by our own frustrations with suppliers and supply chain issues.

We’ve encountered a multitude of challenges – suppliers revising delivery estimates post-order and even post-invoicing, quality issues causing significant delays, unresponsive suppliers causing anxiety, and in the worst-case scenario, critical components delayed by over six months. The task of identifying reliable suppliers often feels like a gamble; it’s exceptionally challenging to gauge their performance until an order is placed, even with recommendations from trusted advisors. We believe supplier woes have plagued SMEs for far too long!

So, after winning Innovate UK funding, under the Liverpool City Region’s Launchpad programme, we are developing our SupplyWorks platform to tackle this issue. SupplyWorks members will be able to share reliable supplier insights within the network, streamlining their supplier due diligence processes. As the platform develops, we will include access to real-time data, such as delivery timeliness and product quality, empowering its network of SMEs with data-driven decisions and resilient supply chains.

We think SupplyWorks holds the promise of leaving a profound mark on the manufacturing supply chain landscape. Our mission is to empower SMEs by enabling them to make wiser supplier choices and, importantly, strengthen resilience and responsiveness in their
supply chains.

Our vision goes beyond just developing a solution; we want to co-create it with those who experience supply chain challenges firsthand. We want to bring together a User Panel that will be a collaborative space where SMEs can voice their concerns, share their experiences, and help us shape SupplyWorks into a tool that truly addresses their unique needs.

By engaging with SMEs, we aim to gain invaluable insights into the intricate nuances of supplier management, the hurdles faced daily, and the aspirations for more resilient supply chains. This user-centric approach ensures that SupplyWorks evolves to become a tailored solution, aligning seamlessly with your business goals and aspirations.

Sign up to our User Panel to become part of this exciting journey and contribute to the transformation of supplier management in the SME sector. Collectively we could create a path toward more efficient, responsive, and resilient supply chains.