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Senti Tech – Instructions for use

How to use our device systems.

Keeping You Safe

Senti Tech is committed to developing high-quality, safe, and effective products. Serious issues should be reported as per the Instructions for Use (see below). However – please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns about any of our device systems.

We’re also open to new ideas, feature suggestions, or just an open ear if you need to vent about the challenges associated with health and illness. We’re hear to listen to you, and we hope to make a difference. 

Reporting Serious Issues with our devices

If you or your patients experience any serious incident (for example, harm caused by the device, or wrong diagnosis or treatment) which you believe may have been caused by the device, report this to both the manufacturer
(See the Instructions for Use, for each particular device system) and to MHRA in the UK immediately.

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Senti Tech develops novel intelligent medical devices to transformatively improve the delivery and quality of medical care. Our vision is AI-device-enabled precision and predictive medicine.

Our mission begins with democratising and unchaining the stethoscope to enable this transformation for people with respiratory illnesses, through the development of a smart garment which will autonomously monitor breath and heart sounds.

Foremost, our mission is centered around people suffering, struggling, and living with illness. We are driven by the care and love we have for these people, to make their worlds a little brighter.

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